Free Trade Copier Service

Some general information if you are going to use the free Trade Copier Service provided by Dennis Buchholz.

You can be signed-up for this service if you own a “active and paid” Agimat FX® Trading System or FSO Harmonic Scanner™ license. Of course this will be checked before you can participate. Sneaking-in won’t work, if your name and email address does not appear in the license database, you will be ignored. If you want to know the results of this service, please ask in the the Agimat and FSO Harmonic Scanner Telegram groups. Dennis has no myfxbook etc. since he is trading for his own only and does not need to provide proof to anyone. But I can assure you, Dennis closes every month positive!

First of all, the trade copier is free of charge. Everything in order to get started will be provided by Dennis. This includes an instruction video, PDF documentation and the trade copier receiver software for MT4.

It is highly suggested that you run the trade copier on a VPS and NOT on your local computer. You need a stable environment and the most important thing is that you have internet connection without time-outs. Your home internet will have small time- outs, it is how it is. Such small connection gaps can be a problem with scalp trades provided by Dennis. If you were offline for just a few seconds and in this very moment trades were opened, closed or modified, you will miss these or worse, you get delayed information.

You can get a 7 days free trial (click) with our VPS provider to ensure that you are in the same datacenter with the trade copier server.

Then follow this tutorial video (click) on how to setup the VPS.

What kind of trades can you expect?

Very simple! Scalp trades only. Trades will be closed on the same day they have been executed. All trades having SL and TP. The risk is not more than 5% of the account balance. It is suggested to use “providers risk scaling” to get the money management copied from Dennis which is automatically adjusted to your balance.

On Fridays and major news events, no trades at all. There is no specific time to receive trades.

When trading Forex you HAVE TO accept losing trades as well. Daily results are not important, only the monthly results are counting! I promise you wont have any negative month BUT days. This is normal, everything else is a fairytale.

It is a logical understanding in the Forex industry that during Christmas holidays from mid-December until mid-January no trades will be executed, the volume is extremely flat. The same for Easter and/or Holy Week.

Dennis is using a big account for his scalps, meaning he is trading with huge lots, he does not need to run for 100pips every time. 15-25pips will do and this is what you are going to see. As mentioned above, please use “providers risk scaling” to get the money management copied from Dennis which is automatically adjusted to your balance.

If you are coming now with a $100 account, the trade copier makes no sense for you. Your profits will only be cents. You would need $1K at least, better $5K+. Also, the trade copier needs to run alone on your account, do not interfere it with manual trading which can eat up margin and equity.

Join the Fee Trade Copier Service.

Important note:
If you complaining about this free service, about to receive free money doing nothing, you will be removed from the trade copier. Also, there is no guarantee you will be accepted, this depends on your relationship with Dennis in the present and past.

Again, you need at least $1K to see profits.

The trade copier is absolutely free of charge, meaning this is free money for you!
Please use all provided documentation to have the setup done by yourself, everything is very easy to follow. If Dennis had to set this up for you, it is his time, money and capacity that are consumed. Please understand.

This service is complementary and can be cancelled or changed without any further notice.